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Fabien Cordiez - French lawyer and UK Solicitor



About Fabien Cordiez                  


Fabien Cordiez is a dual-qualified solicitor with over 15 years of experience. He is a member of the French Bar Association and a solicitor*, member of the Law Society of England & Wales.


Fabien trained as a 'Avocat' (qualified French lawyer) in France 1991 and was admitted to the Bar in 1994. He did his articles at Philippe Leleu's law offices, a renowned senior Counsel whom, since then, became chairman of the CNB, the French Law Society. Having subsequently practised French and English law, as in-house solicitor for Axa Insurance's UK operations, Fabien joined Browne Jacobson solicitors' London office in 1998. He subsequently became Legal Counsel for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in the City of London and Zurich. Fabien re-qualified as Solicitor of England & Wales in 2000. In 2002, Fabien set up his own practice in France and where he successfully developed a specialist French property law and inheritance law service. The Firm, which maintains strong links with fellow solicitors in the UK and Ireland, is entirely dedicated to helping non-resident customers that need assistance with French law.  Read more  


Fabien Cordiez has been in the British, American and Australian Consultates' list of recommended lawyers for over a decade.


Fabien is a co-founding partner of ECD Avocats & Solicitors, a dynamic team of French lawyers providing expert legal assistance to overseas-based customers and English-speaking clients established in France.


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