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Residential and commercial conveyancing

Contract drafting / review

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Legal document review





Independent professional input when drafting the purchase contract is highly recommended when buying French property.


We have experience in complex and high-value transactions, and provide contract drafting relating to real estate and conveyancing in France.


Property contract review service


The service is designed for customers buying or selling French property, or conducting business in France, who want to rapidly ensure the legal paperwork is legally sound.


We will carefully review the legal paperwork and telephone you, or forward you a written report, to advise whether the documentation is legally sound, suggest any suitable wording, flag up possible legal issues, etc. Since speed generally is of the essence, we are usually available to do this at short notice. For real-estate transactions, you can instruct us to review the initial legal documentation e.g. "compromis de vente" only, or the "Acte de vente" (draft Title Deed), or both sets of papers, at your convenience.


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