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French Solicitors



Provence Office    

12 rue de l'Ancienne Madeleine 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France


Riviera Office

8 rue de France 06000 Nice, France



IRL                         (01)-431-1301

FR                   +33(0)486-688-968

UK                         0203-445-0720

US/CAN                 (347)-746-8720



IRL                         (01)-431-1302

FR                   +33(0)486-688-660

UK                         0203-445-0721




Skype ID fabien.cordiez.solicitor



Law Society n° 331485  -  French DX 227-Aix  -  Solely practising as Avocat  -  Déclaration CNIL n° 1266629  -  This website's contents has been submitted to the Aix Bar Authority