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French mortgages matters







Secure a French mortgage, re-mortgage your property, help with mortgage foreclosure.     



Securing loan or mortgage on French property, re-mortgages, mortgage foreclosure

Raising a mortgage with your bank, in your home country, against property situated in France often is almost impossible, because your bank will believe it cannot secure the loan on real-estate overseas, especially in the recent financial climate.


We can help you arrange a loan with your bank using your French property as security. Let us take care of the legalities, execute the necessary mortgage Deeds and establish a legal charge, in close co-operation with your home country's bank or building society.


There are instances where foreign investors owning property in France find  themselves in a situation where they cannot repay their French mortgage. Our Firm can help you deal with French mortgage foreclosure situations. We will contact the French lender on your behalf, negotiate repayment schedules, or agree a voluntary sale of the property to minimise your loss.


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