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Fabien Cordiez


Fabien's expertise encompasses all aspects of buying and selling property in France as well as dealing with French Wills and succession planning, and advising on the administration of French estates. Being qualified in both France and the UK, Fabien offers specialist legal services to non-resident customers and the international community in France.


If you plan to purchase or sell a French property, move to France, set up or take over a business in France, we can help you turn your project into a successful investment.


As experts in French property and inheritance legal procedures, we closely work with other professional partners including foreign lawyers, notaires and financial advisers. Our firm is located in the heart of Provence, near the luberon and alpilles areas, with a secondary office in Nice. We perform our activity all around France and can meet you in Aix-en-Provence or Nice on the French Riviera.


Fabien is a co-founding partner of ECD Avocats & Solicitors, a dynamic team of French lawyers providing expert legal assistance to overseas-based customers and English-speaking clients established in France.Our firm is listed with the British, American and Australian Consultates.


Being accredited as Conveyancing Solicitor and Agent, Fabien Cordiez acts on behalf of property purchasers or sellers in French conveyancing matters. He also often acts as an expert witness in French law and gives evidence before Courts in the UK, Ireland the US and Canada.


Law Society n° 331485  -  French DX 227-Aix  -  Solely practising as Avocat  -  Déclaration CNIL n° 1266629  -  This website's contents has been submitted to the Aix Bar Authority