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Transfer of French property Title following judgment, death, separation or divorce

The purchase and transfer of French property is mostly the sphere of French notaires. However, any person willing to sell part of his interest in his French property, or buy an interest into such a property, should consult a qualified independent French lawyer.


Over the past decades, many English and Irish married couples have bought houses in France. Since then inevitably some couples have divorced or one of the spouses has passed away and the French house has been one of the assets to be distributed.


Who gets the French house?


- In divorce matters, the best practice is to have a clause in the Court Order stating that the house be transferred into the name of the husband/wife. We can help you implement such an Order under French law. We will arrange for a special deeds called Licitation to be executed. The deeds recites the court order and makes the ‘transferee’ (the recipient of the transfer) the owner of not only the one half already owned but the other half as well. In other terms, this makes the transferee owner of the whole property.


- In the event of death, French inheritance law applies to real-estate situated in France. We oversee title transfer on your behalf and ensure that your interests remain protected.




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